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6 Jun by admin

Direct Marketing News Examines LBS for Canadian Marketers

Clip was featured prominently in the April 2010 Issue of Direct Marketing News and Clip’s Founder, Dave Offierski discusses the opportunities for both marketers and consumers to connect with location-based services. Click Here  (DM_April-2010(web)) to download a .pdf of the issue.  Thanks to Amy Bostock, Editor of DMN and Peter Madison for snapping a great photo.
20 Apr by admin

Global TV Examines How Technology is Empowering Canadian Bargain Hunters

Collective buying is taking over Toronto but Clip makes savings as simple as pulling out your phone and firing up the app.  Let the Deals Come to You! Congrats to our buddies over at – we are happy to see other Canadian start ups proving that big-dollar valuations aren’t all that when it comes to creating […]
15 Mar by admin

Required Reading: Location-based + Mobile Coupons = all the rage

There is a lot happening this month.  The mobile space continues to evolve at a furious pace and even more attention is being given to the opportunity to provide content and services to people on their mobile device, based on their physical location. We thought we would share a few stories and posts that have […]