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2 Dec by admin

No one ever got fired for hiring IBM…

Or so goes the common business adage.  Last week we saw an article that may prove there is some truth to this ol’ nugget of wisdom. Two savvy gentlemen from IBM Canada wrote a very timely and relevant Op-Ed piece in the Financial Post giving their predictions on the future of mobile payments in Canada.  Click […]
21 Oct by admin

Mobile Payments in Canada – A Market Ripe for Disruption

There has been a flurry of activity in the mobile payment space over the past few months; and while the press releases are somewhat lacking details on actual product roll outs, for those of us observing the industry it certainly seems as though the rhetoric around the future of mobile payments and m-commerce is being […]
3 Jun by admin

New Mobile Metrics For Canada

As most of you know, we are pretty big on metrics over here at Clip.  This week Comscore made a long overdue announcement that they are going to be including Canada in their key mobile metrics report Mobilens from hereon in.  This is great news for anyone interested in using mobile to reach users, customers etc. Here is a […]
2 May by admin

Clip Mobile and Rev Publishing Team Up to Deliver Mobile Coupons for Niagara Falls Tourism Industry

Clip Mobile is very excited to announce a new partnership with Rev Publishing Inc. of Niagara Falls.  Rev is one of North America’s most progressive publishers of niche market; consumer lifestyle magazines. Rev publications provide advertisers a unique means to reach both locals and travelers to their region with distribution that targets consumers where they live, where […]
22 Mar by admin

The Yin and Yang of the Local Advertising Market

Two reports about the changing landscape of advertising media recently caught our attention.  Both articles came from our friends over at Mediapost, these headlines are evidence of just how quickly things are evolving in this post-great recession turned tidal wave of disintermediation, as we consume more screen based content than ever before. The first is a […]
17 Feb by admin

It’s Official! “2010 Was a Game Changing Year for Mobile

Thank you for that Comscore.  These and other tidy sound bites now available in the 2010 Mobile Year in Review released this week.  Unfortunately, the data compiled in this report does not include statistics on Canadian mobile trends in 2010 (we heard in September that was coming!?) but there are some very useful and compelling stats on just […]
10 Feb by admin

Growing Faster, Getting Better

We just pulled out some up to date info on Clip and the growth of our user base across Canada.  Thought you might be interested to take a look.  We also just launched a Clip user Questionnaire to obtain feedback on Clips’ strengths, things we can improve on and which features our users absolutely can’t live without. […]
27 Jan by admin

The Next Web: Clip is a groupon Competitor from the North

Though our business models are different, and we are primarily focused on mobile at this point, it doesn’t hurt to be mentioned in the same breath as the hottest startup since…ever.  The Next Web Canada gave Clip some local, mobile love in a recent post. That’s right Groupon.  Get ready, cause we’re coming for you. […]
18 Jan by admin

Mobile Coupons Achieve 300% ROI for Quiznos Canada – Case Study

We just completed a really successful mobile coupon campaign with Quiznos Canada. During the 39 day campaign, Quiznos achieved a 35% average conversion rate which generated approximately a 300% Return on Marketing Investment using the Clip Mobile Coupon Platform. To learn how our clients achieved these outstanding results, please check out the case study by following the […]