Clip Mobile for iPhone Clip Mobile is going to change the coupon, FSI (free standing insert) and Direct Marketing industry forever. How can we be so sure?

Canadians Love Technology

Consumer technologies often take a little longer to make their way to Canada, but when they make their big debut, we are strong supporters. For example, in Canada, Facebook, mobile banking, Interac, Twitter and email money transfers have amongst the highest penetration rates per capita compared to the rest of the world.

We are Smartphone Obsessed

Our lives have become amazingly mobile and these days it seems as though everyone has a Smartphone surgically implanted in their hand. News Flash! They do! Canada has a higher per capita penetration of Smartphones than the US and Smartphone adoption continues to increase at an incredible 5% per quarter. By 2013, 95% of all mobile devices will be Smartphones.

Canadians Love Deals

Being a thrifty and savvy shopper is almost as Canadian as hockey, beer and Tim Hortons. Location based mobile marketing appeals to on-the-go Canadian consumers and will become an essential part of an integrated marketing strategy.

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