Google Search Trends for Mobile Coupons

4 Aug by admin

Google Search Trends for Mobile Coupons

Here is a good visualization of the increased amount of search activity for ‘mobile coupons’ on Google.   This screenshot was taken on August 3rd, 2010 and if you would like to see the data for yourself, click here for the page.

Of course the steady growth of interest and search volumes for ‘mobile coupons’ is very positive but the most interesting information is that Canada ranks 3rd in search traffic for mobile coupons behind India and the US.

Based on this data it would appear that Canada’s volume of “mobile coupon” searches are about 1/3 that of the US which is pretty impressive considering that we are a market 1/10 the size of our neighbors to the south. Some rough math would allow us to surmise that according to this data, the average Canadian is approximately 3 times more likely to have searched for mobile coupons over the last 5 years.  Sweet.

Yet another reason why Canada rocks and why we are so excited to be building Canada’s location-based mobile coupon network!  Let us know your thoughts below;  have you ever searched for mobile coupons on your phone?  What other services do you use for mobile coupons?  What merchants and services would you like see with mobile coupons on Clip?