Why Vancouver Rocks our World

1 Sep by admin

Why Vancouver Rocks our World

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks and we are still playing catch up after our trip to Vancouver and ramping things up for our Blackberry beta launch as well as working with new and existing clients.

The trip to Van was a huge success.  What a great city.  Vancouver is shaping up to be a very strong market for Clip.  In our opinion here’s why:

  • Density – At 5,335 people per km2 (13,817.6 people per mi2) in 2006, Vancouver is the fourth most densely populated major city in North America, after New York City, San Francisco and Mexico City. Urban planning in Vancouver is characterized by high-rise residential and mixed-use development in urban centres, as an alternative to sprawl. (Thank you Wikipedia! ) The density of the urban geography has created a city that has vibrant neighborhoods, with lots of people living, shopping and working locally.  It was great to see that even at 12:00 at night the streets are busy with Vancouverites enjoying the amazing summer weather.
  • iPhones, iPhones Everywhere –  Though we can’t exactly say why this is, it probably has a lot to do with the local economy being particularly strong in the technology, design and small business sectors.  Just walk around and take note of the iPhones everywhere.
  • Forward Thinking Business owners. Vancouverites on the whole are very tech savvy and everyone from local business owners to companies based on the West Coast are very interested in leveraging technology to drive value for businesses.
  • Strong Partners -we got lucky on this one.  Our partnership with Green Zebra allowed Clip to quickly obtain a significant number of high quality merchant partners and their amazing offers.  In the mobile coupon game, Content is King and Clip is packing some serious offers from nearly 100 Green Zebra merchants.  Check out this image below for just a few of merchants who have added deals on Clip.  For the full list, download the app or check out this page.
  • The Domino’s Effect – Because Clip is gaining traction with a growing number of merchants and users in Vancouver, Clip has activated a pilot with one of our first national merchants, Domino’s Pizza.  At 5 locations in the lower mainland you can use Clip to get a Buy-One Get One Free Pizza! This amazing offer combined with marketing support with in-store signage and a soon to be rolled out Pizza box advertising campaign, we are very excited about leveraging these channels to further spread the word about Domino’s and other great offers on Canada’s location-based mobile coupon network.

These are just a few of our observations as to why we are so excited to be linking a vibrant network of business and offers with a growing number of mobilized Canadian consumers.  We didn’t even mention all friendly people and the amazing lifestyle we enjoyed while in Vancouver so it goes without saying we are looking forward to continuing to make (hopefully increasingly frequent) trips to build our business in Western Canada.