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3 Jun by admin

New Mobile Metrics For Canada

As most of you know, we are pretty big on metrics over here at Clip.  This week Comscore made a long overdue announcement that they are going to be including Canada in their key mobile metrics report Mobilens from hereon in.  This is great news for anyone interested in using mobile to reach users, customers etc. Here is a […]
22 Mar by admin

The Yin and Yang of the Local Advertising Market

Two reports about the changing landscape of advertising media recently caught our attention.  Both articles came from our friends over at Mediapost, these headlines are evidence of just how quickly things are evolving in this post-great recession turned tidal wave of disintermediation, as we consume more screen based content than ever before. The first is a […]
17 Feb by admin

It’s Official! “2010 Was a Game Changing Year for Mobile

Thank you for that Comscore.  These and other tidy sound bites now available in the 2010 Mobile Year in Review released this week.  Unfortunately, the data compiled in this report does not include statistics on Canadian mobile trends in 2010 (we heard in September that was coming!?) but there are some very useful and compelling stats on just […]
4 Aug by admin

Google Search Trends for Mobile Coupons

Here is a good visualization of the increased amount of search activity for ‘mobile coupons’ on Google.   This screenshot was taken on August 3rd, 2010 and if you would like to see the data for yourself, click here for the page. Of course the steady growth of interest and search volumes for ‘mobile coupons’ is very positive […]
6 Jun by admin

Direct Marketing News Examines LBS for Canadian Marketers

Clip was featured prominently in the April 2010 Issue of Direct Marketing News and Clip’s Founder, Dave Offierski discusses the opportunities for both marketers and consumers to connect with location-based services. Click Here  (DM_April-2010(web)) to download a .pdf of the issue.  Thanks to Amy Bostock, Editor of DMN and Peter Madison for snapping a great photo.
15 Mar by admin

Required Reading: Location-based + Mobile Coupons = all the rage

There is a lot happening this month.  The mobile space continues to evolve at a furious pace and even more attention is being given to the opportunity to provide content and services to people on their mobile device, based on their physical location. We thought we would share a few stories and posts that have […]
25 Feb by admin

Strength in Numbers…How many Smartphones Users are There in Canada?

One of the questions constantly dogging the mobile marketing industry is, “How many cell phones are there in Canada?”  Because we are building a business around Smartphone users, the more important question becomes, “How many Canadians are using their web-enabled Smartphone for activities beyond texting and talking?” The bad news is that good stats on […]