No one ever got fired for hiring IBM…

2 Dec by admin

No one ever got fired for hiring IBM…

Or so goes the common business adage.  Last week we saw an article that may prove there is some truth to this ol’ nugget of wisdom.

Two savvy gentlemen from IBM Canada wrote a very timely and relevant Op-Ed piece in the Financial Post giving their predictions on the future of mobile payments in Canada.  Click here to check out the article on the FP website, written by James Wallis, Vice-President of global payments for IBM and Mike Cook who is a Partner in IBM’s financial services sector.  We decided to include the full text of the article on our blog because the viewpoints of these industry heavy weights are so well communicated and happen to be directly in line with our thoughts on the key drivers to mobile payments adoption in Canada.

The areas of growth addressed in the article are part of reason why we are so excited to be on the  leading  edge of this ecosystem.  Conversations with clients and prospective players in the space indicate an understanding that Value Added Services represent both a massive opportunity but also a threat to mobile payments because, for many of the players trying to be in this space, mobile experience, content and distribution partnerships are definitely not part of their core competency.  That’s where we come in. Clip is also having a number of exciting discussions with players about the need to build and manage the value added services components of their mobile payments offering that will give consumers more reason to try this new medium, and by layering up the value and engagement offerings, keep them coming back to your solution vs. another.

If you have any questions about the Clip platform or how we can help your mobile strategy, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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